Chefavor Warm and Cold Foam Maker

    • Brand: Chefavor
    • Color: Black
    • Material: Glass
    • Product Dimensions: 5.9″W x 8″H
    • Capacity: 400ml (14 OZ)
    • Plug: 3-pin

    Experience the ultimate convenience with the Chefavor Warm and Cold Foam Maker. This 4-in-1 electric frother and steamer delivers rich warm foam, light warm foam, cold foam, and hot milk for your favorite beverages.

    Its transparent glass design allows you to witness the mesmerizing frothing process in real-time. With a generous 400ml capacity, cleaning is a breeze with the included brush. Quiet and efficient, it’s the perfect addition to any kitchen or coffee lover’s arsenal.

    Key Features:

    • 4-in-1 functionality: warm foam, light warm foam, cold foam, hot milk
    • Visualized foaming with transparent glass design
    • Quick and quiet operation
    • Easy to clean with included brush
    • 400ml large capacity
    • Compact size with secure plug for safety
    • Usage guidelines for safe handling


    Attribute Details
    Brand Chefavor
    Color Black
    Material Glass
    Product Dimensions 5.9″W x 8″H
    Capacity 400ml (14 OZ)
    Size 4.3 * 5.9 * 8.0 inches
    Plug 3-pin

    Elevate your coffee game with the Chefavor Warm and Cold Foam Maker. With its versatile functionality, visualized foaming, and easy cleaning, it’s the perfect companion for your coffee journey. Say goodbye to manual frothing and hello to velvety froth with just the push of a button. Upgrade your mornings now!