Nespresso Milk Frother | Barista-Quality Froth at Home |

    • Brand: Nespresso
    • Model: Aeroccino3
    • Size: One Size
    • Color: Black
    • Special Feature: Manual
    • Material: Nonstick
    • Dimensions: 3.9″ W x 7.2″ H

    Enhance your coffee ritual with the “Nespresso Milk Frother“. In classic black, this one-touch wonder elevates your coffee maker set, creating hot milk foam, hot milk, or cold froth with ease. Crafted from stainless steel and black plastic, it effortlessly complements Nespresso coffee makers. The slim design fits seamlessly anywhere, automatically shutting off when finished, while the non-stick surface ensures cleaning is a breeze.

    Key Features:

    • Excellent Quality: Enhance your coffee experience with the Nespresso Aeroccino3, perfect for coffee or espresso sets.
    • Versatility: One-touch operation for hot milk, froth with one second, and cold froth with two seconds of button pressure.
    • Performance: Stainless steel and black plastic construction heats milk to 160-170°F, ideal for Nespresso coffee makers.
    • Sleek Design: Slimline base fits anywhere, auto shuts off, and non-stick surface for easy cleaning.
    • Capacity: Max hot & cold froth capacity of 4.1 oz and hot milk capacity of 8.1 oz.
    • Milk Guidelines: Best results with fresh, cold cow’s milk; alternative milks can be tried, but results may vary.
    • Maintenance: Frozen milk won’t froth; rinse with warm/hot water for easy cleanup.


    Brand Nespresso
    Model Aeroccino3
    Size One Size
    Color Black
    Special Feature Manual
    Material Nonstick
    Dimensions 3.9″ W x 7.2″ H

    In the world of coffee craftsmanship, the Nespresso Milk Frother stands as a versatile and stylish companion. Elevate your coffee or espresso experience with its one-touch operation, delivering perfect froth in seconds. Crafted with stainless steel and black plastic, its performance seamlessly aligns with Nespresso coffee makers. The slim design fits any space, automatically shutting off for convenience. With a capacity of 4.1 oz for froth and 8.1 oz for hot milk, it caters to various preferences. Embrace the frothy delight effortlessly with this sleek and efficient Nespresso milk frother.