Rafow Electric Milk Frother 4-in-1

    • One-button Operation for versatile frothing options
    • 300ml/10oz Large Capacity catering to different frothing needs
    • Auto-off & Low Noise design for safety and peace
    • Food-grade double-layer insulated wall for durability
    • Easy to Clean with ABS housing and non-stick coated stainless steel interior

    Unleash your inner barista with the Rafow Electric Milk Frother, your go-to appliance for creating indulgent coffee beverages at home. This 4-in-1 wonder effortlessly froths hot and cold milk for lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and hot chocolate, bringing the coffee shop experience to your kitchen.

    Key Features:

    One-button Operation:

    Choose between dense hot milk froth, thin hot milk froth, heated milk, or cold milk froth with a simple press, crafting your preferred beverage effortlessly.

    Large Capacity:

    The 10oz/300ml capacity caters to various frothing needs, ensuring convenience with recommended whole milk for optimal results.

    Auto-off & Low Noise:

    Swift operation delivers perfect froth in 1-2 minutes, automatically shutting down for safety. Low noise won’t disrupt your tranquil coffee moments.

    Safety & Durability:

    Food-grade double-layer insulated wall ensures durability and safety. The ergonomic handle enhances grip and resilience.

    Easy to Clean:

    Featuring a non-stick coated stainless steel interior and ABS housing, cleaning is a breeze. Wipe the exterior with a damp towel for a spotless finish.


    Brand Rafow
    Special Feature Insulated
    Color Black
    Material Stainless Steel, ABS
    Product Dimensions 5.9″W x 7.9″H

    Elevate your coffee experience with the Rafow Electric Milk Frother, a versatile and durable appliance designed for coffee enthusiasts. With one-button operation, large capacity, and safety features, indulge in perfect frothy delights at home. Backed by a 1-year warranty, your satisfaction is guaranteed.