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    Syvio Milk Frother

    • Brand: Syvio
    • Special Features: Heat-Resistant, Non-Stick, Detachable Base, See-Through Lid, Quiet Function, Ergonomic Handle, Touch Control
    • Material: 304 Stainless Steel with Non-Stick Interior
    • Dimensions: 6.69″W x 7.87″H
    • Recommended Use: Foam for Coffee Beverages
    • Capacity: 11.5 oz for Heating, 5.75 oz for Hot Foam, 3.8 oz for Cold Foam

    Elevate your coffee game to professional barista levels right from the comfort of your home with the Syvio Milk Frother. Designed to cater to all your frothing needs, this 4-in-1 detachable milk frother and steamer is your ticket to crafting the perfect latte, cappuccino, macchiato, and more. With its user-friendly touch screen, instant heating, and versatile frothing options, prepare to indulge in café-quality beverages anytime.

    Key Features:

    • 4-in-1 Functionality: Easy LED touchscreen to switch between dense foam, hot/cold airy foam, and heating milk or chocolate.
    • Large Capacity: Heats up to 11.5 oz for milk/chocolate and froths up to 5.75 oz for hot cream foam, 3.8 oz for cold foam.
    • Effortless Cleaning: Made with 304 stainless steel and a non-stick interior for simple maintenance.
    • Instant Heating: Reach the ideal milk temperature (140-158℉) in just 2 minutes.
    • Ergonomic Design: Features a comfortable, non-slip grip handle designed with artificial mechanics.


    Feature Detail
    Brand Syvio
    Special Feature Heat-Resistant, Non-Stick, Detachable Base, See-Through Lid, Quiet Function, Ergonomic Handle, Touch Control
    Material 304 Stainless Steel, Non-Stick Interior
    Product Dimensions 6.69″W x 7.87″H
    Recommended Uses Foam creation for coffee beverages
    Capacity 11.5 oz (Heating), 5.75 oz (Hot Foam), 3.8 oz (Cold Foam)

    The Syvio Milk Frother is not just a tool but a gateway to exploring the art of coffee making. Its 4-in-1 functionality simplifies the process of creating everything from a dense cappuccino to a silky latte. With its substantial capacity, easy cleaning, and rapid heating, this frother is ideal for both personal indulgence and entertaining guests.

    Its ergonomic design ensures comfort and ease of use, making it a must-have for every coffee enthusiast. Whether you’re starting your morning or capping off your evening, the Syvio Milk Frother promises a delightful and delicious coffee experience every time.