WIVIZL Electric Milk Frother


    Unlock the perfect cup of coffee with the WIVIZL Electric Milk Frother, a 4-in-1 wonder that froths, steams, heats, and warms milk effortlessly. Designed for both hot and cold beverages, this sleek A7-Black model is a barista’s secret weapon.

    Key Features:

    • One Button to Start:

      Effortless operation with a single button for various modes. Get your coffee fix in under 3 minutes with the quick and quiet frother loop.

    • Large Capacity

      : Froth 4.2oz/125ml or heat 8.4oz/250ml of milk, perfect for personal or family use. Optimal results with milk containing over 2% fat.

    • Auto Shut-off

      : Equipped with temperature control, it ensures safety by automatically shutting off when the desired temperature or froth level is achieved.

    • Easy to Clean

      : Scratch-resistant and non-stick stainless steel interior makes cleanup a breeze. Wipe or rinse with running water, ensuring the base stays dry.

    • To Be Home Barista

      : Create barista-quality foam for both hot and cold beverages. Enjoy café-style coffee moments with family and friends.


    Brand WIVIZL
    Special Feature Auto Shut Off
    Color A7-Black
    Material Stainless Steel
    Model Name A7-Black
    Capacity Froth: 4.2oz/125ml, Heat: 8.4oz/250ml
    Safety Feature Auto Shut-off
    Cleaning Easy wipe or rinse
    Suitable Milk Fat >2% fat recommended
    Customer Support 24-hour resolution

    Indulge in barista-level coffee experiences at home with the WIVIZL Electric Milk Frother. Its one-button operation, large capacity, and automatic shut-off make it the ideal companion for coffee enthusiasts. Elevate your coffee game and enjoy the perfect cup every time.