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The Perfect Guide to Make Coffee

Coffee’s popularity grows everyday with the knowledge of the health benefits being told to us by the doctors. There are many great ways to enjoy coffee with or without milk. There is a way to make the perfect milk froth for cappuccinos and a way to make the perfect milk froth for lattes. Your very own stainless steel milk froth is the key to your perfect creation of these two excellent drinks.

There are several other great coffees with milk that can be made with one of the best milk frothers on the market. Let’s take a look at how to make some fantastic coffees.

The key to espresso is the freshest espresso bean ground into a fine ground made for espresso machines. You want to buy the espresso machine you can buy to make the process easy. You do not have to buy the most expensive espresso machine in order to make an excellent cup of espresso. You basically pack the filter holder body with espresso to the line indicated.

You want to tap the coffee grounds flat with the espresso tamper. You will then measure the proper amount of spring water in the machine. Every machine has its own directions. Make sure you follow the directions on the machine. You want to have a set of small espresso cups and place one under the spout before you turn the machine on.

Then wait for the water to heat up and as the water runs through the main filter body where the espresso bean grounds are, you will be making a delicious perfect cup of espresso. You can serve the espresso, black or add a little milk froth from your favorite milk frother.

If you have ever been to Europe, you know that you might find it difficult to order a regular coffee you drink in America. Instant coffee is usually the closest you can find to American coffee, but there is the Americano. You simply make an espresso and then add a cup of hot water to make the Americano. It still is a bit stronger than regular coffee but it does the trick to pep you up your morning.

Originally from the Australian side of the world, the flat white is an espresso with glazy, creamy milk. You basically make a double shot of espresso in a larger espresso cup and then steam 4 oz. of steamed milk in a milk frother.

You are going to steam the milk to 145 degrees and not allow any of the big foam to gather on top of the milk. You will pour the milk directly in the middle of the double shot of espresso. You are basically allowing the espresso and the milk to mix to together as you pour.

Cappuccino is basically espresso, milk, and froth divided in thirds. One shot of espresso, two ounces of steamed milk, and then two ounces of froth. You will create your milk froth in the electric milk frother. When you make the froth you can swirl the milk around in order for the froth to reduce. Cappuccino uses a small froth on top.

Latte uses about 10 ounces of steamed milk with espresso to create a delicious creamy coffee to enjoy. You will pour the 10 ounces of cold milk into the frother and heat it to 150 degrees to 160 degrees. You will make your shot of espresso first and then pour it into a large mug. Then pour your steamed milk when it is creamy and hot.

A macchiato is simply one shot of espresso with just a shot of steamed foamy milk on top of the coffee. You will make a shot of espresso in a small espresso mug a little bit larger than the usual tiny espresso cup, because you are adding more milk. You then put ¼ of a cup of cold milk into the milk frother and steam and froth the milk.

You then pour the small amount of steamy milk in to the center of the espresso. Like two tables spoons is more than enough. You can gently push the espresso at the end with the last small stream of milk to create a beautiful espresso milk leaf decoration.

A con panna is an excellent coffee treat. A con panna is simply a double shot of espresso in a small coffee cup with a twist of whip cream swirled on top. You simply purchase a can of whip cream in a pressured can. It is usually near the milk in the grocer. You will make the double shot of espresso before you put the whip cream on top.

Last but not least you can make a mocha for yourself to enjoy. You simply want to buy an excellent organic hot cocoa but conventional will be okay too. Then pour ½ cup of cold milk in a milk frother and froth it hot. Pour one package of cocoa plus hot water in a big mug.

Add a little salt and light sugar to taste, but there should be sugar in the hot cocoa. Put a dash of salt in the cocoa and then add the steamed milk to the cocoa mix. Mix everything together so it is creamy and delicious. Swirl whip cream on top and shave a little bit of chocolate from a chocolate bar, right on the whip cream. Enjoy.

Whichever is your favorite coffee with or without milk, you can enjoy a great coffee anytime of day. When you have one of the best milk frothers and a great espresso making machine, you can enjoy excellent coffee whenever you want.


I am a coffee lover. When drinking coffee one thing you must have is milk frother and this is why I created this website to share with you the knowledge about it.