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    Huogary Electric Milk Frother – Stainless Steel

    • Brand: Huogary
    • Special Feature: Insulated
    • Color: Silver
    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Capacity: 300ml/10.1oz for heating, 150ml/5.1oz for frothing
    • Recommended Uses: Cappuccino, Foam, Latte, Macchiato
    • 4-in-1 Functions: Hot Dense Foam, Hot Airy Foam, Heat Milk, Cold Foam
    • Certification: ETL Certified
    • Design Features: Insulated Stainless Steel, Double-Wall, Ergonomic Handle, Anti-Overflow Spout, Detachable Base

    Indulge in the art of coffee making with the Huogary Electric Milk Frother and Steamer. Engineered to transform your kitchen into a personal café, this 4-in-1 device offers unparalleled versatility, allowing you to create hot and cold milk foam as well as heat milk for a variety of beverages. Whether you’re a fan of lattes, cappuccinos, or macchiatos, the Huogary Milk Frother delivers barista-level quality right at home.

    Key Features:

    • Quick and Efficient: Make thick, smooth foam in seconds without compromising the original flavor and texture.
    • 4-in-1 Multifunctionality: Enjoy hot dense foam, hot airy foam, heated milk, and cold foam all with one device.
    • Large Capacity: Heats up to 10.1 ounces for a latte or chocolate milk, and froths up to 5.1 ounces for that perfect foam.
    • Premium Quality: Stainless steel construction with insulated double-wall, ergonomic handle, and ETL certification.
    • Convenience at its Best: Features an anti-overflow spout, detachable base, and non-stick interior for easy cleaning.


    Feature Specification
    Brand Huogary
    Special Feature Insulated
    Color Silver
    Material Stainless Steel
    Capacity 10.1 ounces (Heating), 5.1 ounces (Frothing)
    Recommended Uses Cappuccino, Foam, Latte, Macchiato
    Multifunctionality 4-in-1 (Hot Dense Foam, Hot Airy Foam, Heat Milk, Cold Foam)
    Certification ETL Certified
    Design Insulated Stainless Steel, Double-Wall, Ergonomic Handle

    The Huogary Electric Milk Frother stands out as a versatile and essential addition to any coffee lover’s kitchen. With its ability to produce both hot and cold foam, along with heating milk for a variety of coffee drinks, it offers unmatched functionality. The large capacity, combined with an easy-to-clean design, makes it perfect for daily use or entertaining guests. Its high-quality construction ensures durability, while the modern design adds a touch of elegance to your countertop.

    Whether you’re aiming to replicate your favorite café’s lattes or simply enjoy a warm cup of chocolate milk, the Huogary Electric Milk Frother delivers with ease and efficiency. Embrace the convenience of cafe-quality beverages at home and make every cup a special occasion with this exquisite milk frother.